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As Doctor Who regenerates for the first time as a woman and twitter goes absolutely mental in a wave of feminist delight, this blog has once again regenerated.

It has, over the ten year period where I have owned the website and become more proficient with the Content Management System, WordPress, enjoyed many lives. The most successful version by far was when this website housed my Itsawinner Poker Podcast and even generated substantial advertising revenue via websites paying for links. For a short time in 2009, it was not uncommon for companies to contact me and offer $500 for a link spanning the lifetime of the site, minimum 2 years. I think I made $3000 that way. However, it has also been a landing page for an affiliate program, a pool blog, a football manager article website and my personal blog dedicated to tennis trading (for two days).

I often wonder why I blog. Is it for readers, is it for me?


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