Wedding Photography Experience

So we had a great experience doing wedding photography in Edinburgh and on the south coast over the past couple of weeks. Tons of miles driven, lots of stress and a ton of learning. There is no better way to learn about a job or a task than gritting your teeth and actually doing it. We thought we knew!

Don’t get me wrong, we were under no illusions that it would be difficult but it is the bits that you do not think about that can be the problem. For example, the 15 hour day meant a ton of concentration and as a diabetic, the physical toll was significant. I had little time to plan healthy meals and as a result I ate poorly. I was stiff and sore, but I did not mind.

Then there is the pressure of live events. If we had time to stop the wedding and take as long as we needed to capture the perfect shot we would have been absolutely fine. Unfortunately we did not have this time and the result was it was harder to capture that perfect “home-run” of a photo we dream of as photographers.

The good news is we did it and not many have the bottle to do it. A combination of very diligent planning and a calm head got us through. We have no more booked in for now and will now reflect on how we will proceed moving forward. But I enjoyed the experience and did not feel like I was drowning. I have more portrait shoots planned and look forward to slightly less stressful photography in the weeks and months ahead.

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