Wedding Fair and Nice Weather

Last Sunday Neil and I visited Rotherham to attend a wedding fair. It was our first fair and we took the opportunity to assess our stall against the competition and plan improvements for our next fair. We got plenty of ideas and we spoke to quite a few people about our services. We did not make any sales, however, there was not many people at the fair and I’m not sure any of the stallholders sold anything. The feedback we received was excellent and we learned a lot. It was a great day out.

The weather was absolutely perfect yesterday. I had arranged to meet a friend at 10:45 AM in Willington and the weather was so lovely that I set off early, parking in my usual place, rolling down the windows and enjoying an episode of Waterloo Road season 7 (episode 28 I think) and I waited for the clock to reach me.

After the meeting I had nowhere particularly that I needed to go so I strolled down the high street to the local Co-op where I bought some stuff for lunch and took a leisurely walk back to the car. I experienced one of those lovely moments where I felt like everything was okay and I just was living in the moment enjoying it. These moments tend not to last so it’s important to enjoy them as you experience them. As you know I live my life searching for these moments and trying to feel like that all of the time.

Fast forward to 3 PM and my fellow ward councillor and I had arranged to meet an officer from the council to discuss the placement of a new bus stand. Sometimes there is local opposition to a new stand being installed near their home so the officer wanted to illustrate to us in person exactly what was proposed. Unfortunately, the road that we had arranged to meet on was huge and we ended up at different ends of it.  Eventually we all met up and the meeting was informative.

Today I look ahead to an equally chilled itinerary. I meeting a friend for breakfast at 10 AM and then heading to work from between 11 AM until 2 PM. It’s a short shift today because last night I went to the parish council meeting to give a report and that lasted two hours. After 2 PM I don’t really have too much to do, however, I will create another camber for the wedding photography business and pop that onto Instagram. I am going for a haircut before 10 AM.

Have a great day.

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