Tuesday, 28th August 2018

TimeSugar ReadingFood EatenInsulin Units Taken
Lunch4.5Chicken Roll, Banana and Quavers5
Tea8.3Roast Dinner (Steak) with Roll17
Bed6.6Sausage and Chips at Football (Small tray)30 (gl)

I awoke this morning a little lower at 4.6 but that is fine. I adjusted to 5 for lunch because I calculated 3 units for the banana and 3 units for the roll. I’m making an extra effort this week because of the official weigh-in but I should put this effort in all of the time. My lunch calculation should have been 7 in hindsight (3 roll, 1 crisps, 3 banana) I made the error because I was 4.5 and gave myself a cushion.

I went to the Football in the evening and had sausage and chips. Not eating at Football remains the challenge. I had factored in perhaps having something so my readings were ok, but calculating well and eating too much is not a good way. I shall have a good, disciplined day tomorrow.

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