Tues, 18th September 2018

TimeSugar ReadingFood EatenInsulin Units Taken
LunchN/AEnglish Breakfast (and Banana)16
Tea6.7Bacon Rolls (2)7
Bed11.7None40 (gl)

After my speculation adjusting the night before I was pleased to wake up bang on at 5.5 this morning. I arranged to meet a friend after work so did not test at 12 but ate a banana to keep me going. A naughty lunch followed and late too. This always complicates things.

What I cannot do, however, is explain the weird night reading. I ate two bacon rolls with no sauce (sauce has sugar in) and from 6.7 I took the correct amount of insulin. I ate slightly later, but the 11.7 is weird. Adjustment made.

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