Sunday, 2nd September 2018

TimeSugar ReadingFood EatenInsulin Units Taken
LunchN/ARoast Beef Dinner5
Tea5.8Roast Chicken Rolls12
Bed11.0Kit Kat40 (gl)

I visit my parents every Sunday and have a Roast Dinner but without any bread. I did so today but when I travelled over I unfortunately forgot my testing kit. This is not an error I make very often.

At tea I was 5.8 but miscalculated my evening insulin in a big way and came in a bit high at 11.0 at 11pm. I am a little frustrated at my readings today as the food I ate was not bad but you wouldn’t think it looking at my readings.

Council starts again tomorrow so I will have weetabix for breakfast, after the meeting I’m going out for lunch where I will have scrambled eggs on brown toast then my roast with marinated chicken in the evening and one roll. I will also pick up monounsaturated butter which is better than polyunsaturated in order to get my “good” cholesterol reading up from the low 0.6 it currently is.

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