Sunday, 1st July 2018

TimeSugar ReadingFood EatenInsulin Units Taken
Breakfast4.9Weetabix, Skimmed Milk3
Lunch5.2Roast Beef, Mashed Potato, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Carrots, Gravy, Peas,2
Tea5.42 x Chicken Breast Wholemeal Bun sandwiches and 1 Banana6
Night7.8None30 (gl)

I weighed myself today in what is becoming a Sunday tradition (because I’ve done it for the last two Sundays!) and I was very pleasantly surprised to see that I have lost 7 pounds! I weighed in at 19st 11.5 lbs (277.5lbs) after being weighed at the docs at 20st 5 (285 lbs) a week past Friday. It feels great to see some progress being made. I WILL get to my target of 14st 7lbs (203 lbs) as soon as I can. There is no set target but hopefully I’ll be close by February 2019.

The readings were uneventful and I kept to my diet very well. I saved my wholemeal roll for tea and butterfly cut a chicken breast and cooked it on my George Foreman griddle. I adjusted to 6 (2 for banana and 2 each for the rolls) and I went from 5.4 to 7.8. I’ll make a note that the meal is therefore probably 8 to get back into the 5.4 zone when the insulin wears off after 5 hours.

The George Foreman griddle is the best thing I ever bought in the kitchen. You can view it on Amazon by clicking this linkĀ

I save loads of money not using my oven and the grill won’t be switched on long as it doesn’t take long to cook the food. All it needs is wiping as soon as you’ve finished cooking and it cleans quickly and easily, just be careful as if you clean it right after cooking, which is the best time to do it before the food sets, it is very, very hot!

Chicken and steak takes 8-9 minutes to cook from chilled and I just spray the grill with 1 cal spray, season the meat and whack it on for 4 minutes before turning occasionally to ensure even cooking, but you don’t need to do this.

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