Sunday, 19th August 2018

TimeSugar ReadingFood EatenInsulin Units Taken
Lunch7.5Sunday Roast5
Tea5.32 x Bacon Rolls11
Bed12.0None40 (gl)

I struggle to explain the lunch reading but I had no bread and corrected fine. At tea I was 5.3 and I enjoyed a baguette with my bacon. It was a treat and, as ever, I paid the price for it and it wasn’t nice to see 12.0 looking back at me as my evening reading.

From tomorrow I will just have to go through the pain barrier again. For some reason it’s harder and I admit I’ve had a bad month. I want to get back into it and see the weight coming off again. A mental belief that my weight loss has slowed is becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy. I must re-focus. I am fine until tea then I seem to struggle but the stupid thing is my behaviour as a whole is still way better than before June. But I am a little down about it. I want to get it right.

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