Sunday, 10th June 2018

TimeFood EatenInsulin Units Taken
BreakfastWeetabix, Banana, Skimmed Milk14
LunchBroccoli, Cauliflower, Carrots, Peas, Chicken, Mashed Potato. Small Yorkshire Pudding, Gravy14
Tea2 x Tuna Rolls20

Feeling good today although I did cheat a little bit with the bread rolls for tea.

Despite looking forward to my treat I feel guilty and would have preferred to have done things right. That gives me real optimism that I am on the right track and I know the cravings are just my body testing my willpower.

Another bit of good news was that my Glucose tester did, in fact, survive it’s tumble down the stairs. The batteries I tried did not work or were not in properly because I tried some new ones today and it is working fine. I’ve ordered another machine as a backup just in case, it was only £7 on eBay.

So I’m back at it tomorrow and there will be exercise included too.

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