Saturday, 7th July 2018

TimeSugar ReadingFood EatenInsulin Units Taken
Breakfast5.7Weetabix, Skimmed Milk3
Lunch6.7Chicken, Scrambled Eggs, Wholemeal Roll4
3.00pmN/AProtein Choc Chunky Bar0
Tea6.7Chicken, Mashed Potato, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Carrots, Mushy Peas, Gravy, Wholemeal Roll10
Night9.1None34 (gl)

Today I suffered with a huge downer in mood despite England beating Sweden and advancing to the semi-finals of the World Cup! I struggled with fancying nice food, although I did not cheat, but I really wanted to!

My readings are slightly up and that has frustrated me for a while. I’m eating the same food and the insulin same intake seems to be lead to results 1.0 higher than previously. It’s not a huge deal but it messes with my averages and makes me look like I’m slightly less controlled than I was before. But I’m doing exactly the same thing!

It was only the tea time reading that went slightly wrong again so I’ve made a note on my board that injecting 10 units with my full evening meal with all the trimmings results in +2.5 or so after 5 hours. I will get it right! The nurse said as long as it’s under 10 it’s alright, but I hope to get nearer to the 7.0 range more often than not.

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