Saturday, 28th July 2018

TimeSugar ReadingFood EatenInsulin Units Taken
Breakfast5.8Bacon Sandwich4
Lunch6.22 x Chicken Sandwiches with Wholemeal Rolls6
Tea8.5Mince, Mash, 10
11pm3.62 Wholemeal Rolls0
11.30pm5.3None24 (gl)

This will be a longer post than usual!

When I look back and think that, in the past, every time I snacked I was making a mistake I just wish I’d tested and it would have helped me say no. Today was a learning curve about how important it is to remain prepared and stick to the plan. Unfortunately today was also a lesson in how other people can cause the plan to be thrown up in the air.

Breakfast saw my 9.1 adjustment from yesterday go well and I was happy with my first reading of 5.8. I opened my cupboard and found no weetabix. Breakfast was screwed. I’d slept in (another error as I need to eat by 7.30am) so at 8.30am I made do with a bacon sandwich as it’s important to eat. I had remembered to defrost a chicken yesterday knowing I had Football today at 12.45pm so had plenty of time to make a tortilla wrap with chicken to see me through the afternoon. That is what made 8.30am breakfast an error. In order to ensure no insulin is in my system I need 4 hours. I decided to wait until 12pm before starting to make my lunch but I still had plenty of time to get it right.

Or so I thought. One of the club Managers had gone out last night and got blind drunk. When I telephoned and asked if he had washed the kits as he had been asked to do he admitted he hadn’t. I had to leave the house at 11am to take him to find his car then I came home and threw what needed to be washed into my washing machine and then made myself the chicken breast. Sensing I may be late home due to the inevitable team meetings that would come about after this faux pas by the other Manager, I had two sandwiches and headed out. Not my ideal lunch but that was how things panned out.

At tea I had a reading of 8.5. This was down to changing what I eat and not knowing the correct amount of insulin to take. 8.5 is towards the top of what is acceptable and I’d rather be 6.0 or lower. I took it on the chin and adjusted, taking 10 and noting the fact it was 8pm I did not have my full dinner. I had peas, mash and mince. It was really nice.

11pm comes and I expected to be high, knowing I had another 90 minutes of insulin left in me. I felt fine, but was amazed to be 3.6 and in hypo. I was forced to eat two rolls and then waited before testing again at 11.30pm. This time I was 5.3 and knowing my sugar would continue to rise I had 24 units of glargine and came up here to write this blog and head to bed. I have lots to do tomorrow and am up early. I will report on how I juggle my insulin but I must and will do better although today was (partly) outside of my control.

However, I also note and admit that as a diabetic the error was allowing the control to slip in the first place and I made a number of errors throughout the day. It’s always in my control and I must put myself first.

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