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In terms of today’s article, whilst I regularly receive video presentations, it has been a very long time since I was part of a classroom and was taught in preparation for an exam. I’ve therefore taken a sensible approach to my learning by not expecting too much. I watch two modules per day, which demands around three hours of paying attention and includes taking a test at the end of the lesson. This either fills the morning or the afternoon, but I aim for a 9am start because I find I am more alert in the mornings!

The course provider has posted me a hard copy of the PDFs, which are on their way but unfortunately Royal Mail is suffering big delays at the moment. Once they arrive I’ll be able to spend time reading them in the evening having identified the areas where the information didn’t sink in. I plan on taking a mock paper this week to where I am. This will fully identify any gaps that need addressing with the overall aim to have the CEMAP course successfully completed by mid-March.

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