My Healthy Fight

I have a constant battle with my weight and to eat healthily. I have good and bad periods. When I go wrong I start to get addicted to carbs. Bread and chocolate are hard to stop eating when you start, the body cries out for them. However, there is light at the end of the tunnel. When I’m being good I stop craving these foods and if I can focus on my healthy evening meal I can get things right in a big way, comfortably eating less than 1500 calories a day.

When things are going well this is what I do. I eat Weetabix in the morning which sets me up for the next 2 hours. After that, usually from 10.00am until 11.30am it’s a bit of a struggle. That’s what efforts must be made. At 12pm I eat something like Roast Chicken in a wholemeal pitta with lettuce and a tiny bit of mayo (light mayo and literally only a bit) and possibly a banana. If not I eat beans, scrambled egg and two slices of bacon, which feels like a treat. That sets me up until 3pm, again the next two hours are an effort. At tea I eat Roast Chicken or mince with mash (or baby potatoes), cauliflower, carrots, peas (sometimes) and broccoli. I have gravy and one wholemeal roll. I have discovered that boiling salted water and sticking my veg into the pan for 10 minutes exactly brings them out exactly how I like them, which is slightly softened but with a hint of crunch.

Then nothing afterwards. It sounds easy and in theory, it is. But when discipline slips it’s easy to have other things. Starting tomorrow (the two worst words for unhealthy eaters ever made) is not acceptable. Start now.

Preparation is everything. I go wrong when I forget to take out my meat from the freezer and/or forget to prepare lunch to take wherever I’m headed. On my best days I prepare lunch and my potatoes and veg before leaving the house in the morning. That’s my aim for this week. Up earlier, prepare better and then execute the rest of the day.

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