My Morning Routine

When I am on a health kick everything has to line up. I have to get a number of things right and it starts right from the moment I wake up and is affected by the night before. I wake up at 7.00am and head straight downstairs to start my morning routine. I will know if I’m having chicken at lunch the next day and if so that will be defrosted overnight.

If I’ve eaten after about 8.00pm I will wake up feeling a bit sick and feeling full and ill. This is not a good start. If I feel full then I don’t want the healthy breakfast of Weetabix I eat. If I feel emptier (or less full) I enjoy it more because I’m actually hungry, so coming downstairs after a win the night before makes things a lot easier.

Once I’ve had my breakfast I then set about preparing lunch right away. This will either be scrambled eggs with beans and bacon and a wholemeal brown roll (free on slimming world with a few syns for the roll) or a wholemeal wrap with lettuce and cooked chicken, where I’ll cook the chicken after breakfast. I usually have a banana for lunch too, but this depends on how I’m feeling. I then chop all the veg and my single potato for the evening, leaving them in pans of salted water and I get the chicken or mince out of the freezer which I have already packed into frozen 100 – 120g portions before freezing. If I’m having chicken, rice and broccoli it’s even easier.

I then wash up everything and leave them drying. By this time it’s usually that’s about 8.00am so I head off and get ready for work. Before I leave for work I put away all my dishes. It always feels good to have everything ready and it’s a good start to the day. If I’m not working that day I make sure everything is sorted, including me being dressed and productive, by 9.00am.

Knowing I’ve got breakfast right stops me cheating during the day. It also takes away any planning that needs doing and means I’m ready to just start cooking as soon as the correct time comes around. It also means that I’m hungry, so whilst I’m never over the moon with either a veg roast or chicken and rice, if I’m hungry I’m always ready to eat it. As I write this it is a 11am, which means I’m in my “red zone” where I know I must focus for that hour in order to not slip up. From 7.45am until 11am I never need food.

That’s another trick I can pass on. You can use a “traffic light system” where you note your danger zones (red) in terms of times before meals. For me, it’s only really 11.00am until 12.00pm, 2.00pm until 3.00pm and then as I’m making tea where I need to be careful. After tea I tend not to be that bothered about food until bed. I do my evening injection and medications at 11.00pm then hit the sack. There’s really no excuse to cheat if you know your red zones and really focus when it feels harder.

The one thing I need to monitor in terms of my insulin levels is the impact of evening exercise, which I do not currently factor in. I do plan on going to the gym between 8.30 and 9.30pm a few nights a week to help myself out so I get out the house, get some exercise and get fitter. Ideally I have 30mg of glargine before bed if my insulin reading is 7.0, increasing by 2mg for each 1.0 higher. This is often the trickiest reading to get right, but anything between 6.5 and 9.0 is acceptable. I’m a perfectionist though and see no reason why I cannot get it between 7.0 and 8.0 every day!

Mentally speaking I enjoy the structure and purpose of planning like this. Without it I can literally be scratching around with no structure at all, which is not good for mental health. You have to be tough when meeting friends and eating out and this can suck but not doing it sucks more. It gets you down eventually. I feel better already writing this out even without changing anything else.

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