Monday, 20th August 2018

TimeSugar ReadingFood EatenInsulin Units Taken
Lunch5.6Tortilla Wrap with Chicken and Banana
(Burger at 4pm)
Tea9.2Roast Dinner with Baguette11
Bed9.0None36 (gl)

My morning and lunchtime readings were fine. I think you can almost take those as a given now and I’ll concentrate on tea and evening from now on.

I had a burger as a snack at 4 which hiked up my tea reading to 9.2. Taking 11 units with tea should have seen my levels drop down so I was surprised at the 9.0 reading at bed. I adjusted so I’ll be fine tomorrow. I need to get some good days in as that one error per day has probably curtailed my weight loss, it’ll certainly have slowed it down. Focus man!

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