Is Blogging Old

I’m not sure if the age of the written blog is over. Perhaps this is, as the kids might say “sooooo 2006.” But I will press on in the hope that someone, somewhere, reads it.

After caring for the dog for two days I have realised that I definitely do not wish to own a dog at any point in the near future. The dog himself is great, really friendly and affectionate. Unfortunately, my lifestyle means that my house is very quiet and I worry that the dog is bored, particularly because he comes from a household of five people. I have messaged his owner and asked that he arrange for someone else to for the rest of the week. I will press on if he doesn’t have anyone but it’s actually a very busy week for me and I’m hardly in the house. I feel bad that the dog is left unresolved long periods.

Each time I mention something to my family all I’m getting in return is “well, a dog is tying.“ I must’ve heard this about 15 times and it’s getting on my nerves. I had already made the decision not to have a dog before agreeing to take my friends so I knew very well that I did not want a dog and I knew very well that a dog is tying. I’ve got work today until 2:30 PM and then tomorrow I’m out until around 3 PM. Then Thursday I will be out until 2:30 PM again and then hopefully on Friday he’ll be getting collected, if not before. Before would be better.

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