Friday, 27th July 2018

TimeSugar ReadingFood EatenInsulin Units Taken
Breakfast5.5Weetabix with Skimmed Milk4
Lunch6.4Brown Roll, Tuna Mayo, Ready Salted Crisps7
Tea7.1Chicken, Cauliflower, Carrots, Mash, Gravy, Wholemeal Roll10
Night9.1None34 (gl)

Let me break down things for you. Breakfast to lunch is sorted, I only need to adjust from 4 units to 5 units.

Lunch to tea is alright providing I don’t purchase anything at the shops that I shouldn’t. I bought a crusty brown baguette from Morrison’s and this has contributed to higher readings. I need to step up my intensity because things have felt harder. After tea I’m fine and don’t struggle at all with not eating before bed.

So my errors at the moment are around tea which was always my ‘struggle zone’ and it’s proving that way again. The 4-times-a-day testing regime keeps me honest and I really struggle to admit when I’ve made an error which also helps my discipline, but even keeping this blog is proving to be difficult and tiresome right now.

This is a test and I will come through it. My 60-day itch so to speak! What I need is another boost via decent weight loss to get me back in the groove.

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