Friday, 22nd June 2018

TimeSugar ReadingFood EatenInsulin Units Taken
Breakfast5.2Weetabix, Skimmed Milk3
Lunch6.81 x Tortilla Wrap, Banana, Chicken Breast5
Tea5.8Broccoli, Cauliflower, Carrots, Chicken, Mashed Potato. 1 x Wholemeal Roll3
11.00pm9.1None36 (gl)

Today was a busy day as I had my diabetic check first thing this morning. The good news is I have lost 5lbs and my BP was back to normal.

Straight after my appointment I headed to Crook for a meeting at 10.30am. I left the meeting at 12.30pm because I expected to be a little low. Oddly, I had gone up and was 6.8. I cannot explain that reading as I only had Weetabix for breakfast.

At tea I was 5.8 and adjusted to 3 units of insulin to hopefully check in at 11pm at my target of 7.0. I tested at 22.52pm and was 9.1. The correct adjustment was probably about 5 units, but hindsight is always 20/20.

It’s frustrating as I ate sensibly and healthily today and used the units consistent with what has provided good readings in the past. I took 36 units of glargine as when I was 10.7 on two occasions I tested at 5.9 the next day so 36 from 9.1 should see me land around there too.

My targets over the next two weeks is to lose another 5 pounds and introduce exercise.  This will mean further adjustments and should see me hit my targets or come fairly close to them. However, as long as I’m heading in the right direction in terms of my weight that is fine.

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