Freedom Returns

Around 4 PM yesterday the dog was collected and after an hour of hoovering my house was back to normal and I was able to celebrate the peace again. Don’t get me wrong the dog is a lovely dog but having experienced what it is like to own a dog, at least for a week, I have realised that it is definitely not for me at this point.

Apart from noticing the piece in the house a lot more and being appreciative of it, today I am preparing for the wedding fair tomorrow. Before midday today our new leaflets are scheduled to be delivered and then it is just a case of checking the cars water, getting everything together and setting off. Our stand should look nice. We have a custom-made tablecloth, a pull up banner, some canvas prints, a laptop slideshow, leaflets, contracts, an example of our presentation USB box and we will be wearing branded polo shirts. We are told that wedding fairs are the best place to find business so we will see how it goes.

Normally on Saturdays I go to watch football but I must admit that recently I have lost interest in it a little bit. It seems that my ambition to become a non-league football manager has hit the skids and with that realisation has seen my enthusiasm to go to the games diminish a little. Football is another area where I could go really deeply into analysing why it is that I wanted to be a football manager in the first place, but for now I’m taking a short break. I’m sure I’ll be back.

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