7th April 2017

With the Football season winding down you may think it is an odd time to launch a new blog about the league.

Thankfully there is always something to write about in Football so during the summer I plan to write general Football posts instead of lamenting the down period and blogging about my desperate hope for a friendly, any friendly, that I can go and watch.

Tonight I am travelling to Brandon to watch them face Esh Winning. Both are honest clubs that work hard and survive season after season enjoying only sporadic successes. They deserve more.

What I like about watching clubs like Esh Winning, probably my third favourite team with Tow Law and clubs like Brandon is they keep going. It’s easy to keep going as a big club with hope and ambition as your motivation, but the teams near the bottom exist on dogged pride and determination to win against the odds. It’s admirable and when they do win, you cannot begrudge them that small success.

Tonight’s match should be interesting because both teams will fancy they can pick up the points. The first goal could be key as it will test the belief of the other team. My prediction? A spirited 2-2 draw with both teams leaving it all on the pitch.

As this is the only match in the Northern League this evening hopefully a few people make the effort to help support two of the leagues stalwart clubs.

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