4th May 2017

Newcastle Utd can still win The Championship, but more importantly they will play Premier League football next season which is what the fans really care about.

Quite rightly the toon fans celebrated the achievement of getting out of that division, which is actually a difficult league to get promoted from. Despite the toughness of the division, Sunderland and Newcastle seem to make it look easy when they get relegated, usually bouncing straight back up.

Instant promotion is the best chance for a club because those Premier League standard players who stick around for one season soon move on if their club are not immediately promoted. Remaining in the second tier sees squads gradually transformed into honest, but less skilled outfits that struggle to reach the top again. For now at least, Newcastle have avoided that fate.

Sunderland fans will be lamenting relegation, but they should take heart that they will probably win lots of matches next season and probably win the league easily. It will be a season of success instead of a constant struggle to survive.

Of course their fans would never have chosen relegation but now that it’s happened, good times probably lay ahead for them. They will be back.

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