3rd May 2017

There was some days when I thought May 4th would never come. I am standing for election to Durham County Council and tomorrow is polling day. Hopefully if you live in Delves you’ve noticed, as you will have received (hopefully memorised) at least two leaflets, probably three!

Politics is a weird game and if I’m honest I’m unsure if I’m suited to it. I hope to find out over the next four years and it’s up to the voters tomorrow. I live in the ward and despite my colleague Jane doing a great job for (I think) the past 12 years and hopefully a few more, I’d be the first Delves Lane county councillor to actually live in Delves Lane for well over 10 years. But that’s for the voters to decide.

The downside to standing is that everything leads to 4th May and other things in life can get left to one side. Certainly my other interests have been sidelined, like Snooker and Pool, a game I used to spend hours practising and got reasonably good at, so the upside is that whatever happens, my mind can notice other things and that’s the plan.

Things like my diet, which needs a complete overhaul and making time to do more/some exercise. I’m too big by some distance. I’m lazy and I love food that’s bad for me. As I swipe good looking women in my region on Tinder I note that unfortunately my face must illicit a swift swipe left (or right, whichever is ‘no thanks’) pretty much every time. Only I can get to being the best I can be. So tomorrow is a new start, pending the result of the Friday count which takes place in Spennymoor.

Back to Football (I hate the off-season!) Consett U21s have won all before them this season and celebrated another win the other night. They finish their season in the final of something else. A few players like Mackenzie Milner (who looks a very good player at only 16), Chris Rogan and Michael Brown are being seen at first team level quite regularly and others are in the system.

Success seems close for the club, maybe even this coming season. I don’t think it’s wishful thinking.

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