28th May 2017

Arsene Wenger should now walk away with his head held high. He got the F.A. Cup win and thus ended the “x amount of years without a major trophy” criticism that would have followed him into retirement. It would have been unfair but that’s Football. Like I said I think he should walk away now. It’s time.

Watching the final yesterday it occurred to me that Mesut Ozil is not the answer for Arsenal. He had a poor game. If he’s the answer I’d love to know the question.

Paul Pogba for Man U took some time to adjust as did Ander Herrera but they are showing their worth now. Ozil is a great player but in my opinion he is not suited to the Premier League and he’s been around long enough now to assess where the upside is. There are too many average performances for a player who cost so much. Look at Alexis Sanchez and his performance week in, week out. There’s no comparison.

Mind you, if Ozil wants to sign for Newcastle Utd I’d have no complaints. It’s not so bad just yet that he couldn’t get Isaac Hayden out of the team. On paper Ozil should work, but with Ozil, Ramsey and Sanchez they should be doing better.

In my opinion Arsenal need to sign Romelu Lukaku to lead the front line and Kasper Schmeichel to go in goal and get shot of Ospina who is dodgy. They also need a solid centre-back to play with Rob Holding, someone like Toby Alderweireld from Southampton. If you replaced Ozil with James Rodriguez they’d challenge for the title next season.

That would only cost £150 million or so but they would get £40m – £50m back for Ozil.

In other potential big moves Kyle Walker looks surplus to requirements at Spurs. If he joins Man Utd and Luke Shaw gets himself sorted those two marauding down the wings as attacking full backs with Pogba, Zlatan, Herrera, Rashford et al. feeding off that service could see the good times return to Old Trafford.

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