25th May 2017

A couple of my life stats to begin with. It is my 36th birthday today which means it is 15 years ago today that I left Lincoln University. I had a great time in Lincoln and appreciated every moment. On a sadder note it is 26 years ago today my Grandfather passed away on my 10th Birthday in 1991.

Recent events including the horrendous act of terrorism in Manchester this week and noting the one year anniversary of the murder of Jo Cox MP reminds me of the luck we all enjoy in simply being here. We should never forget to consciously enjoy every day.

Another planned footballing cameo in the Europa League Final saw Wayne Rooney make what appears to be his final appearance for Manchester Utd, coming on as a (very) late substitute.

A thought struck me that if Romelu Lukaku is sold by Everton for mega-money, this might pave the way for a last hurrah for Rooney at the club where it all started for him? Watch this space as Rooney has made no secret of his desire to return to Everton towards the end of his career and if Everton offer to play him up front to replace Lukaku, surely he’d be tempted.

Or maybe the recent Footballing cameosĀ have turned meĀ into a footballing romantic.

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