23rd May 2017

I made the effort to visit Consett FC’s stadium to watch the final game of the season for Leadgate FC. In 2014, I got involved with the Consett Sunday League and Leadgate FC had a great set of lads and I ended up running the team for a year and had a blast doing it. We won Division 3 that year.

Unfortunately yesterday sees the end of the road for Leadgate, who I was told have decided to call it a day. I hope some of the players like Gavin Marshall and Damian Bone try their hand at a higher level. They are good enough and I love watching them play.

Sunday League is a salt of the earth level of football. It’s unpaid, often rough and getting your team there at all is a success before a ball is even kicked. That said, the crack is good and the matches are always full of goals and, admittedly, the odd meaty tackle you simply don’t see on a Saturday.

I am very grateful for Leadgate giving me the chance to manage a team. It was a little dream of mine and it saw me getting my Level 1 Coaching and Level 1 Goalkeeping qualifications. I may yet do more coaching badges in the future and get my Level 2 in both coaching and keeping.

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