23rd April 2017

I had a rare win on a football bet today, turning £3 into £74 picking out 6 winners on an accumulator. I win so rarely it’s really worth blogging about!

You can spot a bad gambler a mile off by when you hear them say “I wish I’d put more on” when they win, but in my case my usual wager is £5 – £10 but I only had £3 on me. Anyway, a win’s a win.

I’ve always liked a small bet here and there on Football. A decent bet to place is finding three away teams priced at around EVENS and backing your three selections in a trixie bet, which contains 3 double bets and 1 treble bet. This means placing a £5 trixie would cost you £20 in total, but you can pick any unit stake you like.

The logic behind the bet is you get much better odds for the favourite team playing away from home, despite the squad strength being the same most of the time. If you get 2 out of 3 matches right, you win 1 of the double bets but lose the rest and the treble. Because the odds of the selections are EVENS or better, this means your double wins you back almost exactly your wager, thus acting as insurance. Getting 0 or 1 matches right loses your entire stake and getting all three results right pays out much more.

Here is how it works. You pick Team A, Team B and Team C at EVENS. Therefore your four bets are AB, AC, BC and ABC for the treble. Each of the four bets is £5, so you pay £20 to the bookie. Your bet is placed.

Let’s say two of your selections are incorrect. You therefore lose all the bets as you had doubles and trebles. Your return is zero so you lose your £20 stake.

Let’s say Team A and B are correct but Team C loses. You win the double AB which you had £5 on but you lose the rest of the doubles and the treble as they contain Team C, which you got wrong. Your return for the winning double is £20. You lose the rest of the bets so your return from the bookie is £20. You get your money back as that equals your stake.

Now let’s say you get all three bets right. You win £20 for each of your three double bets netting you £60. Your £5 treble is also a winner so you win another £40 for that part of the trixie. Your total returns are therefore £100 including your stake with a profit of £80.

I like this bet as you get a nice 4/1 return for picking out three teams that were favourites to win the match and priced better because they are playing away. This bet gives you a bit of insurance if 1 team lets you down. Be careful though as away teams do slip up more often.

If you do have a bet remember to never bet more than you are happy and can afford to lose. I like to find that balance between actually liking what I win but not hating it too much when I lose.

Consett AFC start their season on 5th August in the FA Cup and there will be plenty of friendlies planned to sharpen the lads up in preparation for that important match. Consett take the cup competitions very seriously, particularly the FA Vase.

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