1st May 2017

I hope you are making good use of your May bank holiday.

Football was once again this week marred by the ugly face of racism when a Rangers fan appeared to aim monkey chants and gestures towards Celtic forward Scott Sinclair, who had just scored a goal. Football does illicit high emotion, but there is never, ever an excuse for racist language at any time.

It surprises me that people think they can get away with it at a Football match these days. Notwithstanding the many eye witnesses all around them, state-of-the-art cameras with the best technology mean the club can zoom into the assailant from any angle in the ground of high-profile matches to ascertain who is responsible for bad behaviour. Facial recognition software alerts security before that person even enters the ground in the future if they incur a ban.

Mind you, this is hardly something someone would reasonably consider if minded to act in such a way. But it means there is a consequence to the actions, which I think counts for something. It is also worth reminding that most fans watch the game in the right spirit.

Players and officials know they are going to get targeted for banter and maybe some unfortunate comments but there is a line that shouldn’t be crossed. Racist language should incur a life ban in my view, no ifs or buts about it.

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