1st June 2017

Football’s month of nothing has begun. For a blogger like me, any hearsay is unfortunately often confidential and thus the frenetic behind-the-scenes activity remains there. This is bad new for the many fans who hope for a snippet of exciting information about the huge signing their team is, they hope, just about to announce.

At work things are busy at present. Life won’t settle for me until after the 8th June General Election and my body has reminded me why I must get fit by a flare up of what appears to be┬áPlantar Fasciitis, a damaged and very painful heel for the non-medical. It’s slowed me down for sure and I wasn’t particularly quick to start with.

Today marks 7 years since I first travelled to Crook for my first day at work. I parked down from the office, then part of Hilary Armstrong’s home on North Terrace, Crook and felt the usual first day nerves. I needn’t have worried. I’ve had the best 7 years possible. Some bad moments, but 99% of it has been excellent. I’ve been very lucky.

Whilst in the Crook office I happened to be on my own working in the office when Baroness Hilary Armstrong, then just Hilary Armstrong, took a phone call in the kitchen to confirm her elevation to the House of Lords. I was the first to offer my congratulations.

Fast forward to now and today is the day the confidential case shredding takes place. Everything is bagged up and ready to go. There will be a new MP this time next week and things move on quickly.

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