18th April 2017

Not much Football in today’s post I’m afraid.

I’ve had a weird day. I work for an MP who announced some time ago that she will retire at the next election, whenever that came about. The PM’s shock announcement means that I might well be out of work come June 8th. It depends who is selected as the new Labour candidate and a, if they win the seat and b, if they want me.

I’m overqualified for poorly paid jobs and competition is high for jobs I actually want! I’m lucky I’ve had a good seven years where I am and a good 12 years since moving back to the North East in mid-2005.

I wish I was successful enough where paid employment was a choice rather than a necessity. I am never jealous of anyone but I know how much better I’d feel right now if I had secure income moving forward where I could sit back and enjoy life on my terms. That dream seems very far away right now, but enough of my problems.

Perhaps professional footballers nearing the end of the season and the end of their contract feels the same way. For some, the end of the season is the end of the road and imagine how hard it will be to get a ‘proper job’ after football? It must be hard!

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