17th April 2017

Since Consett FC moved to Belle View Stadium I have been the programme and raffle ticket seller for the club. It’s been over three and a half years now, which has flown by. Saturday marks the end of four seasons where I’ve been the seller.

The 90 minutes before the match starts is my favourite part. I like watching the teams warming up, I like predicting who the Manager will select to play and I enjoy saying hello to the regulars as we urge them to part with £1.50 for a programme and £1 for a strip of raffle tickets.

Unfortunately my colleague Joe telephoned me to let me know he was too ill to attend. Judging by how ill he sounded on the phone he made the wise choice to play it safe. Hopefully he will be well enough to attend Consett’s final home match of the season this coming Saturday.

Penrith had travelled a long way today and it was a tough afternoon for them. Consett were up for it right from the off and were great from start to finish winning 4-0, showing the kind of form Chairman Frank Bell will hope appears every week  next season.

It could well have been worse for Penrith but they hung in well under what was a non-stop onslaught. It was good to watch from the home fans perspective, but the final whistle must have been a relief for Penrith.

The benefit of playing on bank holiday Monday was at the end of the match by “football body clock” felt like it should be 5.30pm but it was actually only 3pm. Winner.

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