14th April 2017

Use it or lose it was the message to Hebburn Town fans earlier in the season when their officials realised the numbers did not add up and the club faced closure. Money talks even at the lower reaches of the footballing pyramid even if only to survive rather than thrive.

It was good to see the Northern League tweeting to encourage fans to “break the attendance record” for Hebburn Town yesterday to help generate some vital gate money for the club, if nothing else to give a boost to their dedicated committee to keep plugging on.

When Consett play away I like to visit other clubs if the weather is not too horrific. My natural tendency to avoid travelling usually sees me rock up to Esh Winning or Tow Law Town. If I fancy travelling a bit further I love the facilities at Willington FC and if all the above are playing away, which seems to happen quite often, I am happy to watch Brandon.

There is something about Esh Winning FC that I just like, so I’m thinking about heading there to watch them fight it out against Billingham Town tomorrow at 3pm. You can’t go wrong for a fiver entry. I was all for heading there today, until I realised it was Friday.


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