Escaping with Bowls

I enjoy a game of Indoor Bowls. Traditionally it’s a game played by seniors, but it has appeal to me because when I play I am able to completely relax and get away from whatever is in my mind at the time. The atmosphere is relaxing and friendly, there are never any idiots.

I enjoy technique based ball games where you attempt to master a repetitive technical action. Pool, Snooker, Bowls or Darts are my favourites. With Bowls, you must understand the bias of your bowl of choice and then stand in line with the shot and smoothly deliver your bowl. The more repetitive and reliable your grip, stance and delivery the better. The closest bowl to the jack wins and you either play a set number of ends or towards a specific score. The nuances of the game include bowling the jack to either short or longer lengths where you may feel comfortable and your opponent dislikes.

Some of the players are deadly accurate. I watched some players the other day bowling to the mat, rather than a jack, and most of their bowls were resting against the mat. It’s a great game for anyone who loves simplicity. It’s therefore difficult to blog about because there is not much to discuss other than shot selection. But therein lies the appeal of the game. Just relax and bowl and you can leave whatever is bothering you at the door.

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