Efforts redoubled

Like Finch in American Pie 2, where he redoubles his efforts to master tantra in an attempt to prepare himself for his presumed arrival of ‘Stifler’s Mom’, I am redoubling my own efforts to get fit. I have let things slip recently and the returning tightness in my jeans tells me that the weight has returned. It’s nothing to be proud or glib about, but I am where I am. I have returned to my healthy regime and focused on what I call the “traffic lights” system.

My “traffic light” system is as follows. When I eat at about 7.30am, I do not feel hungry at all until about 10.30am. Then I move into the amber phase, where I probably won’t cheat. After 11am leading up to 12pm this is my red phase, where I really have to concentrate to just get to midday, when I am permitted lunch. After lunch I am fine until about 2.30pm, where I used to snack upon returning from work. A brief red zone until pm. Then it’s green until 4.30pm, then amber until 5pm and red until 5.30pm where I then make tea. Then it’s basically green for the rest of the night until 11pm where I take my overnight insulin and hit the sack. At some point I’d really like to get someone to create a clock with these gradients of colour on it. It is only the red points of the day where I really must try to be good, where it hurts. The rest is alright.

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