July 16, 2017

Durham County Council

In May 2017 I was elected to Durham County Council to serve as the Labour councillor for Delves Lane for a period of four years.

My current roles within the council have been confirmed as:

* Vice Chair of the Economy and Enterprise Overview and Scrutiny Committee.
* Member of the Overview and Scrutiny Management Board.
* Member of the Statutory General Licensing Committee.
* Member of the Standards Committee.
* Member of the Appeals and Complaints Regulatory Committee.
* Substitute Member for the North East Combined Authority (NECA) Overview & Scrutiny Committee.

If any member of the Delves Lane division, which is Crookhall, Consett East, Templetown, Delves Lane and Knitsley, finds this website and needs to get in touch, contact either myself or my fellow Delves Lane councillor Jane Brown by emailing malcolm.clarke [@] durham.gov.uk and jane.brown [@] durham.gov.uk

All views expressed on this website are strictly my own and should not be confused or alleged to be the stated view of Durham County Council.