Diabetic Eye Check

Yesterday I visited Sunderland Eye Infirmary so that the consultant could have a look at my eyes. As a type I diabetic unfortunately I have diabetic retinopathy. It’s not really serious at this point but it reminds me of the need to keep control of my sugar levels, my BP and my cholesterol.

With my appointment at 8:45 AM we set off really early to ensure that we arrived on time despite traffic. We arrived around one hour early and just sat around for a while. When I got inside the nurse took me into the room and I had anaesthetic drops placed into my eyes, then the eyes checked for pressure and then I read from a board to check my eyesight. I then went to photography where pictures of my eyes were taken and by now the dilating drops I had put in by the nurse before I went to photography were taking effect and things felt bright and blurry. I then went back to the outpatients department where was seen quickly by the consultant. I have to go back in four months and thankfully I don’t need surgery, I just need to keep on top of my diabetic control. I got home at around 10:30 AM which was way better and way sooner than I had expected, I had expected to be out for most of the morning.

I didn’t do much else yesterday but it was quite hard to do anything because the dilating eyedrops meant that I could not focus on my devices and for much of the day I could not read anything. Today I have a management board meeting at 9:30 AM and then I am free for most of the day. The only thing coming up is that I’m looking after my friends Labrador next week so will have a new routine of walks and caring for the dog for that week. I did consider getting a dog recently and it will be a good chance to see if my day-to-day routine is suitable to owning a dog.

I’ve decided to blog more regularly about what I am doing in my day-to-day life. If you don’t own a blog I strongly suggest that you give it a try. I use Dragon NaturallySpeaking as a speech to text program so I have a bit of fun by speaking my blog post rather than typing them out. It’s something a little bit different but in some ways blogging about your life forces you to accept that people may be interested to read it and for me, this is confidence that I don’t usually have.

If you’re putting content out there on the Internet you are placing your work or your thoughts in front of other people where they can then give opinion, praise or criticise. I feel it’s really important that people put content out there and have your say because what you have to say is important. I am in the middle of watching a YouTube video by GaryVee, a very successful man, who says that you should be putting out eight pieces of content across around 10 social media sites in order to be successful and even that, he says, is not enough. Gary was very successful in identifying very early on many years ago that he should count all forms of non-online advertising and focus solely on Facebook and Instagram advertising. It worked and he has made millions. This pounding of content is brand building rather than affiliate sales marketing and I see the merit in it. Once I find a suitable project to focus on I will follow his advice.

It’s time to set off for work now so have a great day and thanks for reading.

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