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Many years ago this blog was a poker blog, complete with a fairly successful poker podcast which ran as a weekly show for 4 years. I loved doing the show and to this day miss it. But we had little if any new music and it was beginning to get a little repetitive, even back then. It’s been six years now since we’ve wrapped it up.

After far too long and with the help of my good friend Sam, who I met through the podcast and has gone on to become a really good friend, I am now learning cash game strategy.

I’m loving the process of learning poker. It’s tough and the games are tough. It can sometimes feel like whenever you face a bet you’re beat, but this isn’t always true.

I play 6-Max NL2 or NL5 Zoom on Pokerstars and am currently studying my way through the two volumes of “Harrington on Cash Games” and another PDF which goes into crazy detail. I have my PT4 HUD almost set up the way I want and I’m beginning to understand what I’m doing. The fog is beginning to lift.

My goals are to become a winner at NL25. This will take work, but the games are still beatable. I want to get good enough so I can intelligently discuss hands with Sam rather than say something and him correct it. I can get the rewards if I put in the work. I want to use Poker as a solid means of income without playing crazy stakes, but I must be willing to work at it.

I use PT4 to mark hands for review later and I post them to our WhatsApp chat so we can discuss it. I also need to start posting them to forums and taking advice (and criticism) from those avenues too.

Cutting out the mistakes is important too. I spent (spend) too long sorting out my HUD and my Pokerstars theme and ended up with a Trojan on my computer when messing about trying to install card mods. Instead of messing about with these things I must focus on my game, playing hands and making errors so I can identify them, study them, be given guidance and do it right next time.

Check folding is important. I sometimes try to bluff my way out of hands instead of being patient. I raise pre-flop, miss, get checked to where I c-bet and get called. I am bet into on the turn and fold. It feels like a strategy to outlast so I sometimes barrel again. I lose the hand it’s a fish play. Far better to check-fold if you miss and live to fight another day. I usually find they have it anyway, so my presumptions are incorrect.

There is way more to learn but it’s a great feeling to be able to think about poker the right way.

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