My name is Malcolm Clarke and I am an elected Councillor for Durham County Council where I hold the senior position of Chairman of the Economy and Enterprise Overview and Scrutiny Committee.

I am also a member of the General Licensing Committee and Standards Committee. I also sit as a member of the Joint Transport Committee Overview and Scrutiny Member which is an overarching body that integrates the seven North East councils. I am a OSC Management Board Member of NECA too.

My councillor page gives a full list of appointments to internal and external committees by clicking here.

The purpose of this website is to house my politics and current affairs articles. I have tried a number of times to pass on my articles to places where they might be posted to a larger audience, but unfortunately the voracity of modern politics means competition is high. Without a ready-made reputation (an MP can get almost anything published and I know this because my stuff used to get published when written for someone else) it’s difficult. So I’ll post them here instead!

I have lots of political experience, working for seven years for a local MP, my own elected experienced as both a parish councillor and county councillor and also working for the local MEP too.

Eventually I hope to move into public affairs and consultancy work alongside my duties as a councillor. Hopefully my articles demonstrate a thoughtful and pragmatic insight into the difficult world of politics at this time of great change and uncertainty.

Thanks for passing by.