This is my area on the Internet to talk about my interests. My main interests are Photography, Darts, Snooker, Pool, Simulation Games and FIFA on PS4! I also play some indoor bowls as a way of relaxing. So expect to read about those things with a focus on whichever of those is holding my interest at any one time.

In my professional life I am a Development Officer and County Councillor. Like most people I am bored of the constant references to Brexit although I admit I read plenty about it like most of us. But the purpose of this blog is to share articles about the things I enjoy, rather than focusing on the things I don’t enjoy.


I am a qualified coach and will share articles about the matches I attend.  I hope to find a team over the summer and I watch plenty of Football at grassroots level so I will take some photos at matches too and share them here too.


I am a keen photographer and me and a business partner do wedding photography as well as portrait shoots. We are planning to set up our Northern School of Photography soon where we will take people from starting out to fully editing their photos using Adobe Lightroom.


I have played cuesports all my life including a short spell on the professional 8-Ball tour but these days I play for fun only. I will give my views on professional Snooker tournaments and I also post videos from my Virtual Pool 4 play and other games. One of my little goals is to start wearing contact lenses so I can get back into playing regularly, although I don’t anticipate playing in many tournaments.

Thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoy the content.