Billions Returns

I cannot remember who first recommended that I watch the series ‘Billions’, starring Paul Giamatti and Damian Lewis as rivals Chuck Rhoades, former NY District Attorney and Bobby “Axe” Axelrod, a mega-rich fund Manager, but I am glad they did. The fourth series kicked off this week and I am really looking forward to seeing the new episodes.

The addition of Asia Kate Dillon in series three, who plays gender neutral character Taylor Mason, reflecting their own gender neutral choice in real life, added a new dynamic to the show. Another great dynamic comes from actress Maggie Siff, present from the start, who plays Wendy Rhoades, a performance coach at Axe Capital and wife to none other than Axe’s arch-rival Chuck. If you’ve not seen the show, please do. You have about 36 episodes to enjoy before you get up to date.

My other favourite shows of recent times are the now finished House of Cards with (ahem) Kevin Spacey, Robin Wright and Michael Kelly and Madame Secretary which features real-life couple Tea Leoni and Tim Daly. If you’ve not seen any of these shows thank me later for the near 300 hours of TV you are about to enjoy.

Back to my life. Today I made a bit of a mug of myself because there was a vote at the end of the last full council meeting which followed a very long debate (as well as various debated amendments) concerning the annual council budget. I noticed on next weeks minutes that my name was omitted from the voting record from that particular vote. Various enquiries later I discovered that I had left the meeting at 1.27pm. I was sure this was incorrect. How could this happen? Anyway, after speaking with a colleague I recalled that I had left the meeting because we had licensing starting at 1.30pm and we had members of the public waiting so we slipped out early.

Before I headed to work I sent out an email to a few people with my tail between my legs apologising for wasting their time!

Efforts redoubled

Like Finch in American Pie 2, where he redoubles his efforts to master tantra in an attempt to prepare himself for his presumed arrival of ‘Stifler’s Mom’, I am redoubling my own efforts to get fit. I have let things slip recently and the returning tightness in my jeans tells me that the weight has returned. It’s nothing to be proud or glib about, but I am where I am. I have returned to my healthy regime and focused on what I call the “traffic lights” system.

My “traffic light” system is as follows. When I eat at about 7.30am, I do not feel hungry at all until about 10.30am. Then I move into the amber phase, where I probably won’t cheat. After 11am leading up to 12pm this is my red phase, where I really have to concentrate to just get to midday, when I am permitted lunch. After lunch I am fine until about 2.30pm, where I used to snack upon returning from work. A brief red zone until pm. Then it’s green until 4.30pm, then amber until 5pm and red until 5.30pm where I then make tea. Then it’s basically green for the rest of the night until 11pm where I take my overnight insulin and hit the sack. At some point I’d really like to get someone to create a clock with these gradients of colour on it. It is only the red points of the day where I really must try to be good, where it hurts. The rest is alright.

Feeding Horses

It’s March already! Yesterday I went for a nice walk with a friend of mine which took about an hour. The wind was pretty biting and if it had just been about half as powerful as it was the weather would have been absolutely perfect. We found a horse and fed it some grass. I often forget I live so close to the countryside. I went to a football match in the afternoon and then just relaxed for the rest of the day. It was a quiet but good day.

I am trying to get back to my strong discipline of last year when it comes to my food. Since I split up with my ex I have found the motivation, the ‘why’, more difficult to find. I am absolutely determined, however, to get things back on track. I’ve gained a little bit of weight and I want to get back to where I was. This includes more regular visits to the gym and a keener focus on my health and well-being.

Next week Neil is moving back to the north-east to start a new job. I’m really pleased for him because I know that he hates living in Edinburgh. Now that he lives a lot closer we are going to try and get the photography business into shape. He will be working full-time hours but our plan is to continue marketing the business, arrange and execute more local photo shoots together and start a photography training academy. We will also be finalising our travel arrangements for our first wedding which takes place in May.

I have also been reflecting on what I do with my spare time. I want to go out for more exercise and take advantage of the time that I have to do so. This will also serve the dual purpose of reducing the amount of money I spend, thus meaning I can sustain my lifestyle for longer. Sometimes I wake up and think, for example, “I want to go to Willington” or “I want to go to Crook”. I’m quite happy to just hop in the car these visits and just enjoy the feeling of being there. It doesn’t mean that I have to buy a fried breakfast or chocolate every time I do visit these places though. Good decisions is key and it’s no longer acceptable to justify bad decisions because I feel depressed or under the weather.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.