The Various Incarnations of Itsawinner

I have owned for many years now. I believe I purchased the domain in 2006 having realised that using the Content Management System WordPress would allow me to finally have a website that I could update regularly.

Initially inspired by a Championship Manager scene blog by a very good writer called ‘T_Side’ (yes, he was from Teesside!) I opened a Football Management blog where I wanted to create articles for the aspiring football management gamer.

As with most blog projects, I grew bored of it. I held the domain and then in 2009 changed the website into a poker website. This proved to be a good move and for 4 years I owned a website that earned me money. To this day I still get hits from that version of the site. Our poker podcast can still be listened to and at one time averaged 100’s of listeners per week.

More recently I have used the site as a means of holding myself accountable for my health. I grew bored of daily updates so have reverted to type and will now blog on any issue that I see fit, only when I see fit rather than a daily chore. I am scheduled to be self-employed on December 1st with only my councillors allowance to survive on. It will be a weird time where I have time to think yet time to worry.

Expect video, audio and text. I like creating them all.